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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Fallen Angel

I fall from the sky trying not to cry
Reaching out to touch a star, but I pass right by
I feel the wind and I gasp to take a breath
Falling and awaiting a simple dreamer's death
My light dims as I fall closer to the ground
I put my hand upon my chest and feel my heart pound
But there is something in the fast-paced beat
Is it trying to save me from a horrible defeat
Is it telling me not to defy my inevitable destiny
Is it telling me not to let go of what is meant to be
I see my strengths shine through brighter than before
And as I hit the ground the light shines even more
Letting my presence known
Letting myself be shown
I know now I can conquer all my hearts desires
Because I am a fallen angel and I come armed with heaven's fire

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