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Monday, February 15, 2016


Why did you leave before the story's end
Before our happily ever after could begin
I'm lost in this place and it's dark and cold
I feel the blood seeping from my gutted soul
Though I feel the blood, I'm numb to the pain
And I shall always bear the stain
And though this body may continue the story
This tortured soul will forever reside in Purgatory. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Lonely Crier

She walks alone in her mind waiting for a sign
Something to tell her that they are running out of time
She walks alone in her mind where its dark and bleak
Her red hair blows in the wind and death is what she seeks
She sees the darkness rise and as it grows higher
She begins to wail because she is the lonely crier.

The Stranger

There is a darkness in his eyes, but they draw me in
Everything about him; his smile, his hair, his skin
A fire burns through my soul as he looks into my eyes
And as the rain comes down from the darkened skies
He passes by without a sound, but I hear the thunder roar
And suddenly without a sign, he is there no more.

Frozen Hell

His heart is cold as ice and it freezes me still
My soul is hardened by his deadly chill
I pray for the fire to release me of my pain
But everytime the flame dies out from the freezing rain
And as this Winter demon moves in for his kill
The blackness in his eyes show an untamed thrill
I can't escape this inevitable icy death
So I close my eyes and take my last cold breath
But as I sit in this frozen Hell to claim my fate
I open my eyes and see my fate will have to wait
The blackness fades and laughter fills my now numb ears
But soon the icy Devil will return to feed off my soul, my heart, and my fear.